IOTA announces separation from founder David Sønstebø

The IOTA Foundation and co-founder David Sønstebø are going their separate ways. Strongly differing interests between Sønstebø and the supervisory board are the reasons.

It was a unanimous decision of the board of directors to part ways with co-founder David Sønstebø. As the IOTA Foundation announced on its homepage on 10 December, „significantly different interests“ had led to the supervisory board’s decision. Sønstebø’s profile on the foundation’s website had already been deleted. It is unclear whether Sønstebø will continue to be involved in the project in any way.

IOTA thanks Sønstebø
The IOTA Foundation statement goes on to say:

‚It was a difficult decision, but one that has to be done. There were some instances where David’s actions were not in line with what our foundation stands for and wants to stand for.

IOTA omitted details in the statement out of „respect for David’s privacy“ while acknowledging his contributions to the foundation.

We are grateful to David for founding the project. He has shown true leadership, entrepreneurial spirit and perseverance in pursuing his vision. He will forever be remembered as IOTA’s co-founder and we Bitcoin News Trader greatly appreciate what he has done for our organisation.

Sønstebø a thorn in the community’s side
Sønstebø founded IOTA in 2015, an „Internet of Things“ project with the goal of secure data and value exchange as its communication protocol. At the IOTA Foundation, he was co-founder and assessor from 2017.

However, the founder’s „improper behaviour“ was not only displeasing to the foundation’s management. There was also repeated criticism of Sønstebø’s behaviour within the IOTA community, for example on Twitter.

On Reddit, a large part of the community welcomes the dismissal of the founder. For example, user „4745454B“ wrote under IOTA’s post on the social media platform: „This is good news, some founders obviously can’t grow with the project.“

IOTA is gearing up for the future and getting involved in more and more projects. For example, it recently announced that it will participate in a project in Chile that will be used to improve data efficiency and use in the field of climate sustainability.